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Following is the list of photo reunions from Dead Fred since the site's posting in March of 2001:

Ruth Allen (photo 1725) is my cousin.
Jack Allen of Millville, NJ

I wrote some time ago about picture 1725 of Ruth Allen, who is my cousin. I've had a computer crash and quite a few health problems but am now back online. Much to my surprise, I have now found a picture of my two aunts (photo 1726 and photo 1727) Mattie and Lavina Woolford. Could you please tell me how to claim these photos? I would like to commend you in your efforts. Your site is only the second that I've ever got any info from concerning my ancestors. Keep up the good work. I am anxiously awaiting your reply.

Jack Allen

Van Wicklin

I noticed a DeadFred entry that claims that an electronic photo of Paul Aldridge Vanwicklin is available upon submission of an e-mail to you. My name is John Van Wicklin, and I manage an extensive web site of Van Wicklins ( and would love to receive a copy of this 1918 photo.

Thanks in advance,
John Van Wicklin

HI John,
Archive Photo #14042 Paul Aldridge Van Wicklin I found that the image previous to this one was scanned into the wrong information packet. Go to my site at, type in Vanwicklin into the Surname search field and you can then right-click on it to save it to your hard drive. Let me know if I can be of any further help,

Joe Bott

Thanks, Joe!
Much appreciated. I trusted you (:-) and opened the file and then saved it. I appreciate your responding so quickly to my request. There are quite a few VWs who will want to have a look at this.

Thanks again,
John Van Wicklin

John Carlin

The photo of John Carlin is of my 3rd cousin, once removed. I got validation on who he was from his daughter, Katherine Carlin Daley. The only mistake is that it is Pottsville and not Pottstown.
Thanks! The web site is GREAT as well as a wonderful service.

Jeannette Carlin Mahony

Earl Morgan

The photograph of Earl Morgan is of my grandfather. If you are a Morgan or looking for Morgans, please check the picture out. I am looking for his parents. He was born in between 1884 and 1890, and he died in OK.



A Happy Voice
I am extremely happy to announce that I had a wonderful phone encounter. For the last few weeks I had been trying to find the Gisen Family. Well, on Monday, July 23, 2001, I had the pleasure in talking to Mrs. Lucille Gisen of San Carlos, California. She was so happy to hear that we had a collection of photographs dating back to 1954. She asked me if she could do anything for us, and I told her to not only to spread the word about, but to also enjoy the photographs.

Claire Bott

Uncle Frank

#1767 - This is my Uncle Frank.


Would it be possible to get the name and address (e-mail?) of the person who submitted Photo #1402 of William Moses Barkley of Kingman, Kansas? He was the brother of my great-grandfather Robert McFarland Barkley. What a thrill when I found it!

Thank you.
Frances Barkley Willess


Thanks! I enjoyed seeing college pictures of my grandfather at U. Maine. The first two pictures under Stewart which are from Orono are Loren Prescott Stewart of Montville, Maine. He was killed in the Battle of Bataan. I have the saber from the picture of the cadets. I will be in contact with Maine friends. I e-mailed all my Stewart and Rowell (his mother's maiden name) relatives to look at your web site!

Maryfrances Stewart

Great Great Grandmother Eliza

I was surprised to see a photo of my gggrandmother Eliza on your site. The photo is number 13679 jpg. It also mentions that she is the mother-in-law of Libbie Runkle-Ellis. Is there a way to find out if a relative submitted this, so we can communicate? I have seen two poses of Gramma Eliza, but they were cropped and didn't show her hands or the book she was holding. Thanks for this great site. I'm going to see if my relatives are willing to submit some of the many photos we have.

Gloria Ellis of Saginaw, MI


I just checked your site, and I found a picture of Nellie Howd. Nellie Howd is my great grandmother. She married Erwin Stanford. They had two children before she died young. They were my grandfather Burr and his Brother Ray Howd Stanford. I wanted to know if the person who submitted the picture left an address. I do not have any pictures of Erwin Stanford. I do have another picture of Nellie, but it is a photocopy. I am hoping to find other pictures of Howds and Stanfords.

Donald Stanford


Can you tell me the source for your Bridendall photograph? Can you tell me the age of the photograph? If the location was Quanah and the picture was taken in 1890, you have located the only picture in existence of my great-grandparents. The picture of Phil Bridendall (photo #285) is a picture of my great grandfather. My grandfather was born in Quanah, TX, in 1888. He was two years old when the photograph was made. You have the only picture of my great grandparents in existence. My brother and I would like to have the picture for our family archives. Thanks for supplying a missing piece of our family puzzle.

John Philip Bridendall of Louisville, KY


I just discovered my Uncle Lawrence Allen BLAISDELL. He graduated from UM in 1915. They nicknamed him "The Little Runt." Well, that little runt went along way. He was born in Lynn, MA, and died in 1972 in San Bernadino, CA. Lawrence never married. He went to Hollywood after being in the Navy. He dated several young starlets. Norma Shearer was one. I went to live in San Bernadino with my grandparents in 1959. Uncle Lawrence was living in Hollywood; he took me to Sunset Blvd., Brown Derby, Moulin Rouge and Graumann's Chinese theater as well as introduced me to several of his friends. He was "THE BLAISDELL PLAYBOY." Thought you'd enjoy.

Joan Blaisdell

Ida Kinsey

I would be really proud if the discovery was mine, but it was my cousin, Connie Metzger Booth, who discovered the picture and e-mailed me a message to "see Could this be our Ida??" With a huge family resemblance and perfect location, age and time could be no one else! Since all is fair in love and war...but families sometimes forget which of those they are in...first dibs on the picture goes to Connie. I'm sure she'll see that I get a copy. Ida Kinsey, born September 16, 1873, was the oldest daughter of Dr. David Sourbray Kinsey and Mary Elnor Seburn. My grandmother, Abigail Maud Kinsey Miller, and Connie's grandmother, Margaret Lucretia Kinsey Metzger, were two of her sisters. My best guess is that this is Aunt Ida's high school graduation picture.

Ms. Fansler

Davidson Uncles

I found two uncles, Virgil and Ward Davidson; one aunt, Ruth Davidson and one great-grandaunt, Dolly Lane, among your photos. ...The two uncles along with another uncle, whose picture you did not have (Orville Davidson), died within a couple weeks of one another as small children. The aunt was their sister who died just a few years ago. The great-grandaunt was their motherÕs sister. The great-grandaunt also died young at the age of 18. They all lived in Polk County, IA, when the pictures were taken. They are photos #949, #1000, #1001 and #1002. My mom is still alive at age 87, and I had her take a look at the pictures. She thinks the one of Ruth Davidson may actually be RuthÕs sister, Mae Davidson.

Janalee Garn of Idaho Falls, ID

Relative Found

Picture 483a looked so much like my husband that I could not stop staring at it. My husband's father was born in 1911, and he did not marry my mother-in-law until he was 50 years old in 1961, which was the year my husband was born. Before this time, we do not know too much about his history except that he was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and he traveled to New York, New Jersey and throughout Pennsylvania for work. His name was Juozapas Jokubynas or Joseph Yokubinas.

What really got me thinking it is him is the totally circumstantial stuff I found after his house burned down and he passed away. He had saved a death card and (only one) in a small Lithuanian bible for a Cesina Simone who died August 20,1955. The top of the death card had been deliberately cut off. He also had in there an old business card for a Detective Pat DePalma of the Boonton Police Department in New Jersey. Lastly, there was the small school picture of a girl who looks just like the woman in the picture. The truth is I'm still not sure. I can send you scanned pics of him, my husband and the girl. We have no pictures of him as a 20, 30 or 40-year-old man. You can tell me what you think. I also have some unidentified pictures that were taken during the same time.

Thanks for all your listening and help.
Monica Yokubinas

Additional Information

This e-mail is not about the identification of an unknown photo, but it is about the incomplete identification of Photo 1199. Martin Jacks is correctly identified. His wife, Narcissa Temperance Redding Jacks, is not correctly identified. At the bottom of her photo is "Tempie," her nickname.



Photo #311 of Howard Broughton. He is a dead ringer for my father, and I think he may be a relative from my dad's mothers side. Your sight is great. Thank you!

Mary Killian


I am sure the photo of Beck, H. Rev, is that of Franklin Hudson Beck, my late husband's great-uncle. I have the same photo from the family album. The 1860 census places him in Steubenville, Oneida Co., NY, 1880 in Oswego, Oswego Co., NY, 1900, Los Angeles, L.A. Co., CA. He was a Methodist-Episcopalian minister.

Virginia Beck

First Lady of Millville

I was trying to figure out how to get the e-mail address of the submitter of Photos 1716 and 1717. This is a picture of my great aunt Edith Mitchell in New Jersey. Edith was a teacher and later principal for Culver & Bacon school in Millville, NJ. She lived to be 100 and had been made unofficial "First Lady of Millville" by the mayor in 1988. My great-grandfather ran a glass factory in Millville. She did not marry until late in her life (around 50 yrs. old) and her married name was McCorriston. I have no idea what happened to her estate; she most likely left everything to the Presbyterian church in Millville. Out of 5 siblings, my grandmother was the only one to have children. Sadly, a lot of personal family items has probably been lost, because no one kept up with each other. But I would greatly appreciate you checking with the antique dealer for any more missing Mitchells.

Thank you for your reply.
Nancy M. Smith

Mystery Photo

Hi Jeannette,
Basically, I put up a mystery photo (a class play in Jersey City). I didn't know who was in it, but I mentioned in what I wrote that the photo had belonged to my grandmother, Beatrice Agnes Reynolds Shields. Thank goodness I bothered to include her maiden name because a woman sent me an email saying, "Well, I have some Reynolds from Jersey City. Do any of this sound familiar?" Really, a long shot on her part, but the rest of the text was so familiar to me that I consulted your site again to see if I had uploaded all that info myself. It mapped perfectly with my own.

Here's the connection (and why it matters to me!): My great-great-grandfather, James Reynolds, came to the US around 1836-1840. My great-grandfather, Charles Reynolds, was his last child, born when James was 70 years old (I call him "last chance Charlie"). At any rate, I only learned a few years ago that James had a whole family with him when he arrived from Ireland -- what I now refer to as his "first family." But within years of his arrival, the wife died, the kids died or scattered, he remarried, and his second family -- mine -- came along. When I discovered this first family, I was thrilled because the kids were born in Ireland. I reasoned that if I could find the descendants, I would have a better chance of uncovering a family Bible or old photos or of learning where they were from in Ireland. I had started tracing the lines of the first family forward in time, but had only gotten as far as about 1900.

The woman who contacted me out of the blue hails from this first family and still lives in Jersey City. From her, I've learned of a small, political dynasty our family had in Jersey City and other tidbits, and we're working together to solve the rest of our mysteries. Sorry this was so long, but I wanted you to have the full context. Bottom line is that by simply including my grandmother's maiden name in a mystery-photo description, I found a long-sought branch of the family. Or rather, it found me!

Take care,
Megan Smolenyak

Father and his car

Thanks for the pictures of Margaret Brennan. Indeed, she is the cousin of Evangeline Elpers. When I clicked on P and scrolled down to Elpers photo album, I could go no further. It seemed like there was no hyperlink there. So I went back and searched for Brennan. The first picture I found was of my father John Brennan in an old car in 1919 in Kewanna, Indiana. Kewanna is about 15 or 20 miles north of Logansport,and they did live there, too.

I also found the pix of Margaret there. I have another picture of John, standing beside what appears to be the same car! The picture of Uncle John, etc., is pretty gray, but I think it must be John F. Brennan, his wife Anastasia Carroll Brennan and their children Margaret and John R. Brennan (the one in the car). I'm quite certain it is Anastasia. I saved it to disk and opened it in Paintshop where it is much clearer. I'll try to get the dust off John F.'s face. Good Job. Again thanks. Let me know what kind of info you like to use.

Dan Brennan


I am SO excited! You have really made my day! My grandfather's sister was born and raised in Logansport, Indiana (as was grandpa). Minnie Grace married William H. Elpers in 1891, and so I KNOW this Evangeline is a child of one of their children. How did you come by this album? Will there be more photos?? And if so, when? Who has originals? Any of family-reunion-type stuff? John and Charles are brothers and had a sister named Helen. We have children for John but had not gotten far enough yet to find Charles' kids! Was up late last night looking at those photos! However did you come upon them? Do you have the originals? Yes, please feel free to use my family in the newsletter! This is a GREAT service having these here online.

Sarah Sharrett

Connections Made

Aloha Claire
Thank you for responding. The photo #s are 850 and 857. 850 was submitted by Jean Carroll Holmes, and the subject city is Detroit. 857 was submitted by the same person. My husband is Mark Holmes, son of Arthur Holmes of Detroit. I am interested in corresponding with Jean Carroll if possible. Giving her my e-mail address and/or address is fine with me. Thank you very much.

Kim Snodgrass-Holmes Hawaii

Looking for Relatives

I found an article on your web site while browsing the Tyson Intranet one day. I thought it was a really neat idea and decided to visit the web site to look around. While performing a search, I found a picture (#1130) of my great grandmother. Unfortunately, I do not know a lot about her. My grandfather was raised during the depression and left home at a very young age. He never talked much about his family. He died about 5 years ago. He was next to the youngest child, and all of her children have now passed away.

Here is what I know about my great -grandmother. Emerette (Emma) Hale was born in 1876 in Elizabeth Town, Ohio. Her father was a minister; unfortunately, I do not know his name. She married Peter Marsh and was a homemaker at the time of my grandfather's birth in 1910. They had at least seven children, but we only know the names of five of the children: Roy Marsh, Lucy Marsh Laswell, Haley Marsh (married name unknown) and Charles Marsh Gates. It is believed that she died in the late 40s or early 50s of complications from pneumonia.

Please feel free to use any of this information in your newsletter. Maybe it will help us learn more about her and her family. We know that Haley had three children before she died, but none of our family has ever met them. We do not know any of their names. She also had at least two other children, and we have no idea what their names were. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. I sincerely appreciate your help. My father will be thrilled to have the only picture of his grandmother in our family. Thanks for giving others the opportunity to find pictures of their loved ones.

Jennifer L. (Marsh) Hunt

Class of 1922

It was nice to find our Uncle Martin on Dead Fred (Class of 1922, Washington High School, Sioux Falls, SD). Does this mean there are other people searching the Romslo line? Where did you find the yearbook? Martin Romslo had other brothers and sisters who probably attended Washington High. They were Roy, Allen, Harry, Clara, Olga (our mother), Otto and Edna. Are there any other yearbooks from Sioux Falls out there?

Joan Knoblauch


My name is Pam Crawford, and I am from Wendell, ID. I was VERY surprised to wander into your web site tonight. The site not only surprised me, but it brought my husband to tears. You see, the J. Ray Crawford of whom you have pictures is his father. We have a copy of the photo from the yearbook, but we didn't have the yearbook. Therefore, we had very little clues about the activities in which he participated. We have never seen the particular basketball picture on the site, but we had a different pose from the previous or following year. Our oldest son took it with him to college and lost it. The play photo...we have never seen. You see, this family is very disjointed. J. Ray was born in 1883. My husband, J. Ray's 8th child, was born 1946. J. Ray died when my husband was just 7. When I began the search for information 7 years ago, we knew next to nothing. We did know he attended college in New Mexico. Though I have written the college, they never answered. I had hoped to have someone check the annuals for the years he was in college. Of course, no answer. I don't have any cash right now, but I assure you I will be forwarding a donation. Thank you SO much, so very much for offering this site. I will recommend it to EVERYONE.

With humble gratitude and appreciation,
Pam Crawford of Idaho J. Ray's daughter-in-law

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