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Claire's Link Picks

Nursery Photos
I think you will enjoy this web site. It speaks for itself.

Frontier Net
This is a very interesting web site you will have to try. You will have to enter your birth date, and you will then see two lists. The first list compares your age with famous people. The second list tells your age when important events occurred.

Internet Archive
This is a great site. The Internet Archive web site allows you to surf through pages stored in the archive. Bookmark this site.

Better Homes and Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens takes a glimpse, with the help of three families, into what life was like for our ancestors. The American Family can not only be found on the web site but also in the magazine. You can read stories, see a slide show and take a poll.

Pioneer Life
A great site for children. This site has a ton of information on pioneer life. You can see how pioneers cooked and where they went to school, and you can read about their etiquette rules.

Your Moving Pictures Memorial
Jennifer Weeks founded this great company in July of 2000. She combines photographs, music and sentiments into a video keepsake. What a fantastic idea!

Servicemen Thankyous
Dear Abby has created a web site that allows visitors to send a service member or a branch of service a quick note of thanks. We are at war, so let us support our service men and women.

Old Photos
What a beautiful site with beautiful photographs! is an online gallery of framed photographs. It is a must-see for anyone who enjoys looking at photographs.
Wow, this is quite a site. There is a lot of information here, so you will need a little time to really see what's here. This web site from Austria is a collection of old photos, graphics, postcards and art deco for collectors.

City Gallery
This is a web site that provides a wealth of information about genealogy, photography and images. It provides a photo album, a photo guide and even a bookstore. Bookmark this site.

Seussville University
On-Line Home of Dr. Seuss, where The kids can learn and have fun Seussville University uses neat graphics and animations to help children with basic math, reading and science skills.

RB Hayes Obituary Index
This web site provides obituaries and other sources of information from the 1830s to the present. This information is from Sandusky County (Northwest Ohio).

This is a great web site for those of you who are new to computers or genealogy. We would like to thank Terry Beck, Elaine Maddox, Jack Webster and for offering this great site.

Links Page
A very helpful web site. The site connects you to many other informative web sites.

Roadside Memorials
We've all seen them, the crosses and flowered monuments on the shoulders of the backroads and highways to honor those who tragically lost their lives. Photographer Bill Sampson has captured more than 300 roadside memorials. Many of the photos have been placed on this web site to keep the victims' memories alive. You can also submit your own photographs.

Surname Study
This is a fun genealogy website. It allows you to enter a surname during any time period, and the site will then display a map of the United States indicating how frequently you will find someone with that surname in each state. Oh, what fun!

Census Article
Please take the time to read this very interesting article. It is about the census in England. What a wonderful success it has become!

This is a wonderful web site that Wendy Russ provides. For all of you who appreciate the fine art of writing letters, Wendy Russ provides links to many collections of letters. Wendy Russ also gives guidance to those who would like to pick up a pen again and write a letter to a friend.

My Prime Time
I came across this very interesting web site by accident. Its slogan is ''My Primetime. Personal Trainer For Life.'' I clicked on ''Generations,'' and I was delighted to find wonderful articles about the family. For example, take a look at this wonderful article ''Love You Forever, Like You For Always" written by Stu Watson here.

For those of you who would like to attend your High School Reunion, this is a must-see. Now get out your best dress, and have a ball!

This is a web site that deals with the controversial issues about genealogy. Steve and David developed this site for those that are interested in genealogy. They want to inform you about and want you to contribute genealogy sites that are 'useless and poorly designed.' Issues are discussed in an "on the air" radio show format. The site is interesting and informative.

Obituary Central
This is a fascinating web site. Obituary Central wants to provide you with obituaries. They have many links to help you find information in regards to obituaries, cemetery inscriptions and so much more. Bookmark Obituary Central.

This is an interesting article about two companies working together in order to create a genealogy product. and are creating a software program that will provide its users with wonderful research tools and references. Read this article to find out more.

Surname Ranking
This link will take you to the PBS "The Sweetest Sound" web site. This is a fun game to see how common your surname is in America. All you have to do is enter you name into the searchable database of more than 50,000 surnames.

Our Timelines
This an amazing web site. You can create your relativeÕs timeline just as long as you have some dates and a little information. The instructions are easy to follow. You can even morph your relative. Very cool!

PhotoZone and Historical Forms
This is the web site for the U.S. Census Bureau-Photozone and Historical Forms. This is a very interesting site since they allow you to check out the forms that were used during certain time periods. There is quite an extensive collection.

Ancestor Detective
This is a web site worth your viewing. The Ancestor Detective is a great genealogical watchdog web site. It provides links to many sites that provide copyright information, misrepresentation issues, genealogy sites of which to be leery and a few to completely avoid altogether.

Genealogy Search
This is quite an informative and interesting web site. It will provide you with an abundant amount of information in regards to surnames and the census.

Catholic Genealogy Research
This web site will provide you with the necessary information to find documents, parishes and people in certain regions of the world. ThereÕs a lot of information hereÉa lot!

Unforgettable Letters
There is nothing quite like receiving a letter via snail mail. The United States Postal Service has a collection of beautiful letters. They are separated into three categories as follows: Letters to Santa, Presidential Letters and Love Letters. This is a wonderful site.

If you need a break, go to this fun web site. They have many different jigsaw puzzles from which to choose.

Island Register
For those searching anything Canadian, this is the site to explore. A definite bookmark!

This is a very interesting site that JennGen has created. She has a lot of information and links for those interested in New England, Ireland, Quebec and France. Check it out!

Genealogy for Kids
This a neat site for kids who are interested in genealogy but don't know how to get started. This web site provides the necessary information on what they will need in order to do their research, how they can get started and how to do the research.

Visit this web site if you haven't bought yourself a calendar for this year. They have a wide selection of calendars. For example: antique maps of the world, the Civil War, African-American history and World War II. Check it out!

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